Supply Chain Management

We are your german legal partner

We not only take care of the development and production of the components, but also the procurementlogistics and customs clearance.

Sit back and relax! As your German legal partner, we take care of the entire international process.

Storage and pre-financing of your products

We pre-produce your annual demand and store it checked and commissioned in our warehouse in Leonberg near Stuttgart. You can retrieve the agreed lot sizes as required. Only then will you be billed for the respective quantity.

During order picking, we can meet customer requests and pack them in customer containers. Talk to us about system packaging.

We also keep an eye on your stocks in order to ensure that we deliver in a timely manner.

Just-in-time delivery

You can retrieve the agreed lot sizes from the Leonberg warehouse at any time. Our reliable carriers will deliver your molded parts on time to the agreed delivery location.

Our procurement and logistics competencies enable you to minimize your procurement risk.