1. Richter Formteile

1 Full Service Partner in Germany

29 producer | 8 countries | 4 procedures

We accompany you!

Our range of expertise extends across the entire value chain: from technical advice and production, through pre-financing and storage of your components, to just-in-time delivery.
Your advantage: We accompany you as your partner in all matters. You provide us with your drawings and we take care of the rest.

If necessary, we can also take on further production steps for you: We can take care of processing, surface finishing and/or pre-assembly or assembly, depending on your requirements.

Here we have compiled all the information about our company Richter Formteile for you.

You can rely on over 40 years of expertise in casting and forging processes.

Our specialization

We produce small to smallest precision parts for you in medium to large series. We focused on the processes of investment casting, MIM, sintering and drop forging.

  • 1 g bis 150 kg unit weight
  • from ~1.000 pieces annual volume

Step by Step through your value chain

With us you get more than metal molded parts in a wide range of specifications. From the initial consultation to just-in-time delivery, we accompany you as a partner. This is full service from Richter Formteile.

Development skills

Your inquiry

You send us your non-binding inquiry including drawings.


Check for feasibility

We check whether and how we can fulfill your inquiry.


Expert advice

We advise you from the material to the most suitable and economical process.
Our claim: products that conform to the drawings according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

Production skills

Cost-efficient production

We select the best option for you from our international production network. So you get high quality at a fair price.


Our offer

You will receive a free, non-binding offer, which we will discuss together. Any open questions will be clarified and you will check how our offer fits into your calculation.

Procurement skills

Your order

After the offer has been approved, we start directly with the implementation of your order.


Your first samples

You will receive your initial samples after approx. 10 weeks.


Release of first sample

You check the first samples in your company. After approval of the initial sample test report, we begin series production.

Logistical skills

Series production and logistics

We pre-produce your annual volume and, as your German legal partner, take care of all the logistics.



We store your annual volume in Germany for you.


Just-in-time delivery

We deliver the batch size at the desired time. You only pay when you call it.

Contact us without obligation!

What are your special needs?

Our strengths ...

  • Expert advice - in each casting and forging process
  • Optimal rescoure planning - through our international production network
  • Just-in-Time delivery - ex warehouse Leonberg nearby Stuttgart in Germany
  • Maximum economy - through optimal resource planning

... our advantages

  • No risk - through conformity with drawings and ISO-certifications
  • Secure processing - as a German legal partner
  • High process competence - through over 40 years of experience
  • Pre-financing - and storage of the complete annual requirement
  1. Richter Formteile